The Vegan Diaries: Amy VS Cheese

This Holiday I fell off the cheese wagon.. bad… guys it was bad! 

One of the biggest reasons I went from vegetarian to vegan was because my eczema was so bad and my doctor told me stop eating dairy. So I did and threw eggs in there for good measure.

Most of the time I’m pretty discipline and avoid it but I don’t freak out if I ate something that has milk ingredients.
This past Holidays however, my discipline disappeared. I don’t know what happened but there wasn’t a cookie, piece of cake that I didn’t eat. I knew there was butter, milk and eggs in it but I shrugged it off.

At the same time my eye started to do a weird thing. It would get swollen and then peel. My friend who was a nurse thought it was a sty  but there was no bump or anything.

One night at a work party, I was pretty inebriated and there was this dip. This amazing spinach cheese dip and I couldn’t resist. It was delicious, not that anyone else would know cause I’m pretty sure I ate the whole thing.
The next morning I woke up like this

That’s when I realized it was because of the dairy. How crazy is it that when you stop eating something and reintroduce it to your body, it reacts like this. Not just that but even after I stopped eating dairy, my eyes stayed like this for 3 weeks. They were swollen , itchy with big black circles under them.

This year, my new years resolution is to have more discipline. Yes, cheese is f*&#ing delicious but it’s not worth it for my body or fair to the animals and the abuse they endure. 

New Year, New me