The Vegan Diaries: Cat VS Tree

It's a bird, it's a plane...NO it's just my cat stuck in a tree.  Thursday morning I was leaving for work and I could hear my cat meowing. It was his "help me" meow. I couldn't find him until I looked up. Way up. He had climbed a tree and couldn't get down.



He's an outdoor cat. He hangs out, eats mice and well I don't know what else he gets up to but obviously this was his first time climbing a tree.

Why did he climb a tree? I have no idea but the thought of leaving him up there all day broke my heart. I tried shaking treats and well that's about it. I was about to tell my boss I was going to be late for work until I got a ladder and he saw I was kinf of 1/4 up the tree and he finally came down.


One of my most crazy cat moments for sure!