The Vegan Diaries: G Street Pizza


What do vegans eat… these days, everything! Becoming a vegan has never been easier especially with big chains now providing vegan options like the beyond meat burgers.


But it’s the local restaurants in Halifax that have really been shining and one that I just discovered recently, G Street Pizza on Gottigen


Owner, Moe Al Haj makes sure that there’s something for everyone to eat. Whether you love meat, only eat halal, are gluten free or vegan, G Street Pizza has options for everyone!

The ingredients are fresh and even if you order something like wings or a donair (which you can get vegan option too) there’s no grease. Just amazing taste

We all know the meat lovers pizza but he does a a meat hater pizza with fake meat that taste, feels and looks so real some people think it’s actual meat. It’s happened before where someone returned their vegan burger because they thought they were giving a beef patty!

The prices are awesome and so is the food!

Highly recommend! Check out their menu: