The Vegan Diaries: Geese VS Chickens

The Sullivan Pond Geese are a staple in Dartmouth. These animals are even smart enough to know to cross at the crosswalk. This week, some idiot drove right through the crosswalk while the geese were crossing, killing 2 of them. He claims he didn’t see them (but we all know he did). People are furious and outraged that he’s not being charged. There’s even a memorial happening for the geese.


Here’s my question. Why are people losing their minds over 2 geese when in Canada, 620-million chickens are slaughtered each year? I’m assuming that most of the people who eat chicken are devastated that these geese were killed. So why is one bird’s life more important than another.


Why do we turn a blind eye to what happens in factory farming? Being run over by a car is far less extreme than what happens to birds in the factory.


So how can you want justice for the geese, when you eat meat?