The Vegan Diaries: Happy Birthday to me

I’ve been saying this since my first birthday party got cancelled… I have the worst birthday date of all time.


Yes, all Christmas, New Years babies get gypped but here’s why January 4th is the absolute worst!

It’s after the holidays, everyone is back to work

Everyone is tired and partied out

Everyone is broke from the holidays.

No one really wants to get together

The big thing.. The weather. I can honestly say I do not remember a birthday without a storm.

20 years ago today, I was turning 13 and the Ice Storm hit. I was in Montreal and we had no power. All I wanted was a birthday cake, all my mom was trying to do was find us somewhere to stay. We slept on the floor at my cousins next to the fire place and ate can soup made off a camping stove.

I won’t lie, I get jealous of summer babies. You guys have it easy. Everyone wants to party in the summer and it’s hot and the sun stays up past 4:30


Despite all of this, I’ve had a fabulous birthday thanks to the incredible people in my life. From my partner who took me out yesterday to celebrate, to all the phone calls and to my amazing co workers who left me treats to enjoy. Thank you for making my day bright!