The Vegan Diaries: I DO! (Not like your wedding menu)

After ten years together, my friends are tying the knot this September. They are vegan (no, not all vegans hang out together, it’s just a coincident) and have been spending a lot of time prepping a vegan wedding menu that everyone can enjoy.


Except, even before trying the food, people have already been making comments about an all vegan menu. Some people were disappointed there would be no “meat” option

Personally, I believe that it’s their wedding and they should have it however they want. I always say if you want your bridemaids to wear a garbage bag at your wedding, they should shut up and put it on and the same should go for the food. If you don’t like it, don’t eat it and get a burger later. It’s their day and shouldn’t have to compromise it.


Or am I wrong and a wedding is about pleasing everyone else?