The Vegan Diaries: Is this what getting old feels like?

I was never that person who was scared of turning 30, age is just a number. Three years into my 30’s and I’ve noticed some big changes which I wasn’t expecting. It’s like my body is rejecting being 30. Here are some things that have happened to me since turning 30

-Migraines -This first happened to me at 27 but the severity and frequency happen a lot more now

-Dairy allergy -hence why I became a vegan. My body will swell up and make my eczema flare out if I eat dairy

-Eczema- I’ve never had eczema in my life and I turned 30 and boom., It’s awful

-Neck spasms- My neck actually gave out once walking up the stairs. It now spams occasionally and for no good reason

-Alcohol- I can no longer drink wine or beer. It gives me migraines

- Hangovers. OMG even if I have 3 drinks, the next day is a write off.

-Energy- I use to be able to stay out all night, sleep for 2 hours and go to work the next day no problem. Now, if I get anything less than 6 hours, I can’t function and I cannot get through a day without caffeine. Lots and lots of caffeine.

Bathroom- This is TMI but once upon a time I refused to go to the bathroom anywhere but my house. Now, forget about it, pull over on the side of the road if I have to lol.

-Ovarian cysts- As fun as It sounds… especially when they rupture!

-Memory- I have a really hard time remembering things these days lol It’s scary sometimes.

Sleeping- This one is new. I can’t lie on my right side anymore cause my right hip goes numb.

On a plus side, I still have no gray hair so at least I got that going for me!!