The Vegan Diaries: My Biotin Update... Did it work?

About 4 months ago I did a blog on Biotin. As someone whose hair hasn’t grown in 2 years, I was desperate and ready for long hair.


So here’s my results with Biotin.

My hair is growing and is the thickest it’s ever been. I even have baby hairs. My hairdresser said this is the healthiest my hair has ever been. I quote

Her  “Wow, your hair is so much healthier.”

Me “Really”

Her “Yeah, notice how it’s not falling out when I blow dry it!”

Me “It used to fall out?!”

Her “Forget I said anything lol”

My skin is about the same but my finger nails won’t stop growing. I have to cut them twice a week.

Also, I notice my eyelashes are super long and thick!


Seriously, worth the $10 for the bottle! Try it and I hope your results are as good as mine!