The Vegan Diaries:The Beyond Meat Burger

The Beyond Meat Burger has been available at A&W for about a month and yesterday, I finally tried it. I can’t tell you the last time I had a fast food burger.

The verdict, It’s delicious. It hits the spot and satisfied all my cravings. What I really liked about it was the patty stayed intact. Sometimes vegan burgers whether they are made of lentils or black beans can crumble and fall apart. The bread was nice and soft and it made my tummy happy.

I’ve heard some people complain that they thought it was rather expensive (tax in it came to $8) but  I think A&W is a little higher end. Most of their burgers are that price so it didn’t bother me. Worth the money if you ask me

Now for the meat eaters who will come after me and say “it’s not a burger unless it’s made with beef.” To this I say, You’re wrong. To me, a burger is any kind of patty that is put between two pieces of bread and topped with condiments. It could be a black bean burger, chicken burger, lentil burger, fish burger.


I definitely recommend this burger!!!