The Vegan Diaries: The Beyond Meat Burger is here!!!

The Beyond Meat Burger hit grocery shelves this week and many people have different opinions about it including that they’re no healthier than normal burgers and you know what… you’re absolutely right!

Don’t get me wrong, they are still healthier than a meat patty, that being said, it shouldn’t be consumed every day!

Let’s chat about food.

The vegan woman living on a farm with her hemp skirt and making her own almond milk will probably never try this burger. She probably makes her own black bean patty with no bread. People who follow a healthy plant based diet usually don’t eat processed food. They want a clean, more natural diet. 

Anything  processed is not healthy for you. Technically, oreos are plant based (it’s true, they’re vegan) Just because something is plant based, doesn’t make it healthy. You can get plant based nuggets, hot dogs, ice cream just name a few. Just like other processed meats, this food should not be eating every day. It’s nice for people who are vegan that want a treat once in a while but animal based or plant based, you shouldn’t eat it every day.

Why are they selling it in the meat section? You’re having a BBQ and want a selection, why not put it in the meat section. Maybe instead of a meat burger, you’d be more enticed to try this. Also, red meat is directly linked to heart disease . There may be a person who has heart problems but was told to stay away from meat, it’s nice that they don’t have to give up something they love and have an alternative. Once again, once in a while cause if you’re eating burgers and fries everyday (vegan or not) it will cause many more health problems.


Why do vegans need to make food look like meat? OK, what part of the animal is ground meat or chicken nuggets, pepperoni  or even bacon? Trust me, it doesn’t look like that IRL. It just fits nicely in bread and crackers and is fun to eat! 

It’s easy to go vegan these days because you can pretty much get anything in plant based form. There’s a saying that people who eat the junk food vegan diet are the hard core vegans because they gave up food they loved for the animals. While that’s amazing, you have to watch what you’re putting into your body. Everything should be in moderation and you can make such incredible tasting food from the simplest, most natural ingredients.


Long story short, I can’t wait to have a beyond burger on the BBQ with a raddler by a fire this summer!