The Vegan Diaries: Vegans are taking over the world!!!

I often get asked, isn’t it hard to be vegan and eat at a restaurant and really NO, Unless I’m going somewhere like mic Mac Tavern, there’s  always salad but most places now have a vegetarian/vegan option and it just keep getting better and better.

Veganism is a rapidly growing from just a few million in the early 90’s to around 550–950 million* world wide as of last year!!!

We’re being noticed and heard, so  much so that McDonald’s has released the McVegan burger in Eastern Europe.

And now.. Not only has Starbucks announced a new vegan breakfast option BUT  IKEA has launched a vegan hot dog. It’ll be available  in the UK in August. If it doesn’t come to Canada at least they have vegetarian meat balls!

And if you have a sweet tooth, Vandals  doughnuts in Halifax has the most delicious Vegan  doughnuts!

Now if only they could find a way to make vegan bacon that tastes EXACTLY how bacon does, life would be perfect!