The Vegan diaries: We have Feelings Too!

Believe it or not,  your words hurt us.


Last weekend I was on our sister station and I was talking about an article that said Halifax has some of the worst drivers. I didn’t write this article or come up with the stats but a woman felt compelled to call me and yell at me. She told me I was wrong and to go back to Montreal cause nobody wants me here and then hung up on me. Oh, did I mention it was 9:30 in the morning!!!!

This is just one example but it happens all the time.

Yes, we may be in the spotlight but why are some people so mean. We get yelled at if the weather is wrong or if there’s a traffic jam or if they don’t like a song. God forbid we accidentally spell something wrong on social media and the grammar police come after us with torches!

We don’t just turn the mic on and start talking. Hours of prep are put into our shows. We actually try our best to find topics we hope most people will like and the biggest pet peeve for any jock is when someone comments on the social media “Who Cares” Listen, I could care less about a Kardashian being pregnant but as long as they’re relevant and popular, it’s impossible for us to not to.

When it comes to our blogs and sharing our lives, we don’t do this by choice, it’s a part of the job. So we do it and let you into our world and when people have negative things to say about our lifestyle, it hurts and we go home and cry. We're human too and try our best!

Maybe we should have tougher skin or maybe some people should think twice about posting a negative comment. We don’t come to your work and say you’re dumb and shouldn’t work here or write sly comments on your facebook page. 

Just say it behind our backs like a normal person lol

Social media has made us all a little meaner and we feel like we can say anything. Why can’t we just focus on being positive and supporting each other and stick to the general rule; if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all!