What Does Agricola Street Smell Like Today?

I used to think Agricola Street was sketchy. But then I walked from Young to the Commons and fell in love.
I was a Robie kid. Walked it to work and back every single day. I don't know why I changed my route. Maybe it was depression. I don't know. But I'm not a Robie kid anymore. I take Agricola now.

I'm hooked on the Agricola route because it usually smells fantastic. Baked bread, brewing beer, or crispy french fries. Someone's making something. I need to warn you it also sometimes smells like pee, so be careful how hard you sniff when the wind blows the wrong way.

But even the pee is part of Agricola's charm. The street is a little rough around the edges. Mostly because there's construction for ANOTHER new brewery. From Oland's to that new cider place where Fred used to be to that other new place with the tower looking thing, Agricola is now beer street.

Today's smell didn't come from beer street per se, but it sort of did. It came from Gus' Pub. It came from their french fries. I think we can all agree the smell of french fries is to die for. Not actual death, but good enough to get you to stop, close your eyes, and drool a bit. A quick little french fry coma, and Agricola delivered that today.