Wines Under $20

Did you ever put down money for a bottle of wine just because you liked the label? I did this week and it turned out to be a great decision. The wine had the word “radio” in the title. How could I pass it up?

Radio Boka is made with Spain’s best known grape variety, tempranillo. It’s the same varietal that is the main ingredient in Spain’s famous rioja wines. The first thing you’ll notice about Radio Boka is its price, $13.99 at the NSLC. That’s cheaper than just about anything else you will find in the Spanish section of the store. Good news, it’s worth every penny and more. One of the reasons why it’s $13.99 is the winemakers do not age Radio Boka in oak barrels. Oak barrels, good ones at least, are very expensive and help to drive up the price of many red wines. So, you won’t taste oak but you will taste plums, cherries and sweet spice. As the winemakers at Boka Radio say on their website, “(They) let the tempranillo speak for itself.”