Wines Under $20 Gaspereau Vineyards

You could drive right by Gaspereau Vineyards and miss it altogether. It looks like any one of dozens of hobby farms you might drive by in the Gaspereau Valley; just a simple sign announcing the winery but still no hint of the tasty treats that await you inside the quaint red barn that houses the winery’s retail store. The vineyard stretches out behind the barn where once an apple orchard and dairy farm stood.  Throughout the summer, Gaspereau Vineyards features live music on Saturday nights and they have an open air patio where you can enjoy a glass of wine and a charcuterie board, and you don’t have to travel far to find it. The winery is just three kilometers from Wolfville.

I visited Gaspereau Vineyards last weekend, searching for Wines Under $20 and I found some great ones.  Gaspereau has a pair of ros­és you will want to try. The winery describes Gaspereau Rosé as “reminiscent of cranberry cocktail and fresh cherries with a wild strawberry jam note and a hint of citrus.” It’s $16.99. Gaspereau Lucie K Rosé is $19.99 and is made from one of Nova Scotia’s most famous red wine grapes, Lucie Kuhlman. Gaspereau Lucie K Rosé “has notes of red berry and cranberry with a hint of spice, and refreshing acidity balanced by a hint of sweetness.” Both of these wines are great for those who like reds but also like a cold wine for the summer.

Gaspereau has three other Wines Under $20 that are all excellent and all $19.99, Seyval Blanc, L’acadie Blanc and, my favourite, Muscat. The Muscat smells so good it should be bottled as a perfume. The winery describes the nose as having “intense tropical fruit aromas of lychee fruit and passion fruit aromas with hints of pink grapefruit and fresh cut mint.” Just imagine having it with mussels steamed in the very same Gaspereau Muscat, butter and garlic.

Gaspereau Vineyards is open 7 days a week. Find them on Google Maps at 2239 White Rock Road, Gaspereau.