Wines Under $20 Get on board with one of the hottest trends in wine in 2017

It’s the first official week of summer and time to break out the pink wines, the rosés. I’ve found a great, local Wines Under $20 rosé that I want to tell you about but first a couple of words about what you’re drinking. Contrary to popular believe, rosé is not a combination of white and red wine. It’s almost exclusively made from a red, purple or black grape and the rosé colour is a result of how long the skin of the grape is left in contact with the juice after the grape is crushed. Because the juice does not spend much time in contact with the skin and stems of the grape, the resulting wine is typically much lighter than a typical red wine. Rosés are great with food and even better served on their own, chilled, on your deck.

Now, to this week’s Wines Under $20 selection, Lightfoot and Wolfville’s Rosé. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve never heard of Lightfoot and Wolfville. This small, family owned winery is just about as close as you can get to being in downtown Wolfville. Its family owned, and they’ve spent the last several years planting, making stand-out wines and getting ready to open to the public. The winemaker at Lightfoot and Wolfville describes the 2016 rosé this way,

“Pale pink colour in the glass. On the nose, a combination of baked cherry and pink grapefruit is complemented by floral undertones. On the palate, citrus and tangerine flavours are present with just enough sweetness to balance the lively acidity, giving way to an off-dry finish.”

Wine critic, Michael Godel said of an earlier vintage, “Arid, rusty, simply and purposefully pale that emerges straight from the earth. Has a plasma sensation, with lemon and dry red earth…More structured than even its makers are giving credit for.”

Give it a try but don’t wait. Only 300 cases of the Lightfoot and Wolfville 2016 Rosé were bottled.

It’s $19.99 at select NSLC locations