Wines Under $20-Moscato

Wines go in and out of fashion just like clothes and kitchen cabinets. A while back, blushes and white zinfandels were all the rage. Here in Nova Scotia, we’ve got our own love affair going with our own wines. We’ve discovered just how good Nova Scotia wines can be. In fact, I featured one of them (Jost Muscat) last week. This time around, I want to tell you about a Moscato I’ve discovered. Just a few short years ago there were only two choices for someone who wanted to buy a bottle of Moscato at the NSLC. Now, there are 26 different Moscatos for sale at the NSLC with dozens more at the private wine shops. It’s not just here in Nova Scotia. The Moscato phenomenon is a thing all over Canada and the United States; and it makes sense. Any random bottle you buy is usually delicious, low in alcohol content, and it goes with everything or is amazingly good on its own. It’s perfect for sharing because there are very few people who don’t enjoy it. Moscato has a refreshing acidity balanced with sweetness, which brings me to this week’s Wines Under $20.

Castello del Poggio Moscato is $17.99 at NSLC. It’s my favourite Moscato because it’s just a little different than other Moscatos I’ve tried. It’s spicy, fresh and rich and not quite as sugary as other Moscatos. The fruit is what lasts with hints of nectarines and sweet peaches. BTW, Moscato is Italian for Muscat and Castello del Poggio Moscato is from the Veneto region in the northeast of Italy. It’s 7% alcohol and tastes great cold, on its own but why not splurge and pick up a few different types of biscotti at the Italian Market and pretend you’re in Italy for the evening.

Cheers! Enjoy the week and email me if you have a favourite Wine Under $20.