Wines Under $20– Sucker for a great label

Did I just pay too much for this wine? I’ll admit that I’m a sucker for a great label and I’ll often buy a bottle of wine just because I like the label. That’s the case this week with Crazy Life Pinot Grigio. I walked Into the Agricola Street NSLC looking for something tasty and walked out with this. It was only after I got home that I put the bottle in the fridge and started doing some research.  I turned up…nothing……null…nada. The only reviews that I could find were on wine store websites and I don’t exactly trust those.

So, after waiting the appropriate chilling time (about 3 hours BTW) I opened my bottle of Crazy Life. The verdict…not bad…really sweet…like candied fruit…I wished I had Chinese take-out to pair it with. Would I buy it again for $14.99? Not likely, but it won’t stop me from buying something else just because I like the label.