Wines Under $20 - The 2000 year old story behind this wine

Sometimes the journey a wine takes to arrive in your fridge is just as interesting as what is inside the bottle. This week’s Wines Under $20 selection is Domaine de la Tour Boisee Minervois Rose 2016. It’s $17.99 at Rockhead Wine and Beer Market, next door to Sobeys at North and Windsor. Now, stay with me here because this is the “journey” part. The “Minervois” on the label refers to a wine appellation in southern France and is named for the village of Minerve in the center of the appellation. Fewer than 100 people live in the village but it’s surrounded by amazing vineyards in an area most people would not associate with great French wine. In fact, it’s closer to Barcelona and Monte Carlo than it is to Bordeaux. Minerve is 40 kilometers from the Mediterranean and is named after the Roman goddess Minerva, the goddess of wisdom. There are cave paintings in the local caves which date back more than 30,000 years, and the town's wine history, based on archaeological evidence, shows that wine making here dates back to early-Roman or even pre-Roman times.

So now that you know a little bit about where Domaine de la Tour Boisee Minervois Rose 2016 comes from, I’m betting it’s going to taste just a little bit better when you take your first sip. Drink it cold with mild cheese or just on its own and let me know what you think. Enjoy and tell me the story about your favourite Wine Under $20.