IWK Radiothon

One of our most treasured events... on Friday, February 1st LIVE from the IWK.

When you join us in supporting the IWK Health Centre, your involvement truly makes a difference in the lives of women, children, youth and families in the Maritimes.

In moments of triumph, your donations are there.

Thanks to your support, patients have access to specialized equipment that you’ve helped fund. Help support leading-edge research and the latest technology to provide the absolute best care possible.

Stop into Scotiabank right now and purchase a pennant to support Scotiabank’s families first campaign for the IWK Radiothon.

Please give on February 1st.

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The IWK Radiothon is proudly presented by Atlantic Acura.

Special thanks to our friends from Scotiabank and Sleep Country.



Money raised through the IWK Radiothon will go towards purchase of much needed medical equipment such as...


Used to provide accurate weighing of babies at the IWK. All newborns are weighed at a few hours after birth and all babies at the IWK are weighed daily during their IWK stay in to monitor weight loss and gain. The weight measurement is used for decision making, medication dosing, and reflects how well feedings are going and if extra support is needed.





A surgical telescope connects to a camera so the surgeon can see clearly and perform surgery without large invasive incisions. The telescopes are instrumental in minimally invasive surgeries, which are procedures that requires 3-4 smaller incisions instead of larger open incisions. This allows for faster recovery time for patients.





Micro chairs are wheelchairs for very young children. They weigh only eight pounds. Mobility is extremely important for a child so that they can explore their environment freely and guide their learning.