Amy Chabot

Just a simple crazy cat lady who loves music, cooking, naps and wine

  • The Vegan Diaries: Is this what getting old feels like?

    I was never that person who was scared of turning 30, age is just a number. Three years into my 30’s and I’ve noticed some big changes which I wasn’t expecting. It’s like my body is rejecting being 30. Here are some things that have happened to me since turning 30
  • The Vegan Diaries: 40 Days and 40 nights without this!

    I’m not religious but I do try and stay disciplined and I believe Lent is a perfect time to do so. I’m usually pretty disciplined with eating, working out staying positive but after the Holidays, winter and then my cat dying, I just stopped caring. I’ve been eating crap and not working out and been mostly sleeping.
  • The Vegan Diaries:Saying Goodbye to my fur Baby

    On Monday, I lost my cat Asia, after 17 years together
  • #BellLetsTalk: here's my story

    It’s hard for people dealing with mental illness to talk about it because they may feel embarrassed, weak or alone. I know this because that was me. So I’d like to share my story and hope that maybe, it helps one person.
  • The Vegan Diaries: Please just give me the booze!

    Some people may take it as compliment, I do not. Being an adult is hard, that’s why we’re allowed to drink alcohol and there’s nothing more satisfying then going to the NSLC to get a well-deserved bottle of something after a hard day.
  • The Vegan Diaries: So long to my good, old friends, Wine & Beer

    Red wine and beer were two of my closest friends.After many years and good, GREAT times, we said good bye in 2017
  • The Vegan Diaries: Amy VS Cheese

    This Holiday I fell off the cheese wagon.. bad… guys it was bad!  One of the biggest reasons I went from vegetarian to vegan was because my eczema was so bad and my doctor told me stop eating dairy. So I did and threw eggs in there for good measure.
  • The Vegan Diaries: Happy Birthday to me

    Ah.. another year older and another birthday storm right on time! Can I change my birthday to July 4th?