Amy Chabot

Amy Chabot

Just a simple crazy cat lady who loves music, cooking, naps and wine

  • #MeatlessMonday Sweet Tooth

    I get asked all the time. What do vegans eat? What if you have a sweet tooth, what do you do? Don’t you miss cheesecake? You can’t make sweets without eggs and butter an you?
  • #MeatlessMonday Charcoal toothpaste

    Activated charcoal has taken over the beauty world. What kind of benefits does it have? Well it; Whitens Teeth, Alleviates Gas & Bloating, Treats Alcohol Poisoning & Helps Prevent Hangovers, Emergency Toxin Removal, Digestive Cleanse, Anti-Aging and Reduces High Cholesterol.
  • #MeatlessMonday Can you dye your hair with coffee??

    The internet is full of DYI ideas and sometimes one catches your attention and you decide to try it. Going from blonde to brunette my hair was starting to fade and I saw you can use coffee as a hair gloss. Being broke, I decided to try it! Coffee is full of antioxidants so even if it didn’t work, it’s a nice hair mask.
  • #MeatlessMonday Amy's favourite things!

    Looking for some cruelty free products? I'd like to share my favourites with you
  • Short Hair and I DO care!

    In July 2015, I decided to chop all my hair off and dye it blonde. I LOVED it. Fast forward to almost 2 years later and my hair is basically the same length.
  • #MeatlessMonday.. Chickpea, eggplant stew

    There’s nothing better when you’re low on funds, looking through your fridge and pantry and being able to create some sort of delicious concoction.
  • #MotivationMonday

    Looking for a workout but you don’t have 1- time 2- money for a gym 3-any idea what to do Here’s a quick at home work out that requires no weights and takes less than 15 minutes to do.
  • #MeatlessMonday Weight loss, exercise and food... My personal journey

    New year, New you! Sadly, it doesn’t work like that. You need to be determined and motivated to change, not just do it cause of a day on a calendar. It also doesn’t happen over night! I’d like to share my story, a story I really don’t share cause well, I was ashamed of how bad I let myself go.