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Amy Chabot

Just a simple crazy cat lady who loves music, cooking, naps and wine

  • The Vegan Diaries: I DO! (Not like your wedding menu)

    After ten years together, my friends are tying the knot this September. They are vegan (no, not all vegans hang out together, it’s just a coincident) and have been spending a lot of time prepping a vegan wedding menu that everyone can enjoy.
  • The Vegan Diaries: Geese VS Chickens

    The Sullivan Pond Geese are a staple in Dartmouth. These animals are even smart enough to know to cross at the crosswalk. This week, some idiot drove right through the crosswalk while the geese were crossing
  • The Vegan diaries: You scream, I scream, I ate all the ice cream!

    This week I discovered something amazing. Ben and Jerry’s dairy free, vegan ice cream.
  • The Vegan Diaries: A sick vegan

    There’s a stomach bug going around and I was lucky enough to experience it *eyeroll* It doesn’t matter how vegan you are, when you’re sick, you crave chicken noodle soup. Not enough to actually eat it though but the thought is in your mind.
  • The Vegan Diaries: Lettuce wrap tacos

    I’ve posted this recipe before but they’re so good and easy to make, especially on a hot AF day like today.
  • The Vegan Diaries:The Virgin Vegan

    When your partner decides to go vegan but is the pickiest eater EVER!!!!
  • The Vegan Diaries: What the Health

    I became vegan for a few reasons. The main ones were 1- My love for animals and 2- My love for knowing what I was putting in my body.
  • The Vegan Diaries... Living with a non vegan

    People are often surprised that my partner isn’t a vegan. How does that work? Doesn’t it bother you that he eats meat. Here’s the thing. Going vegan was my choice. It’s something I felt I needed to do. My boyfriend has watched all the same documentaries of me and knows the pros and cons but, he still eats meat. Not as much as he used to.