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Amy Chabot

Just a simple crazy cat lady who loves music, cooking, naps and wine

  • #MeatlessMonday Benny's Burgers is coming to Haliax

    Very exciting news for Vegans in Halifax.!!!! While we already have many incredible vegan restaurants, there’s a new one coming Benny’s Burgers will be Halifax’s FIRST fully vegan street food.
  • What's Open/Closed today

    Happy Good Friday! Here's a list of what's open and closed in Halifax today!
  • #MeatlessMonday Vegan Celebrities

    Ever wonder which celebrities live a Vegan lifestyle? Here's a list and the reasons why they turned vegan
  • #MeatlessMonday Curry sweet potato, broccoli soup!

    Even though it’s spring, it still feels like winter and nothing warms your soul like a big bowl of homemade soup This soup if super healthy, nutritious and filling
  • #MeatlessMonday Halifax Burger Week

    It’s Halifax burger week March 23-29 and if you’re a vegan/vegetarian you might think you can’t partake but boy are you wrong. Halifax is a such a meatless friendly city and there’s some incredible vegan burgers that even if you do eat meat.. you must try!
  • #MeatlessMonday Sweet Tooth

    I get asked all the time. What do vegans eat? What if you have a sweet tooth, what do you do? Don’t you miss cheesecake? You can’t make sweets without eggs and butter an you?
  • #MeatlessMonday Charcoal toothpaste

    Activated charcoal has taken over the beauty world. What kind of benefits does it have? Well it; Whitens Teeth, Alleviates Gas & Bloating, Treats Alcohol Poisoning & Helps Prevent Hangovers, Emergency Toxin Removal, Digestive Cleanse, Anti-Aging and Reduces High Cholesterol.
  • #MeatlessMonday Can you dye your hair with coffee??

    The internet is full of DYI ideas and sometimes one catches your attention and you decide to try it. Going from blonde to brunette my hair was starting to fade and I saw you can use coffee as a hair gloss. Being broke, I decided to try it! Coffee is full of antioxidants so even if it didn’t work, it’s a nice hair mask.