• "To Make it Worse, He Made Us Wear Onesies"

    Sarah Betts talks to the kid who keeps getting sick on New Years Eve and realizes parents are the real MVPs for dealing with all that -- ESPECIALLY this one dad. Also, why you should never clean your car in case of a puking emergency.

  • You're *probably* showering wrong

    Breaking news: not everyone washes their legs in the shower..... I know. 

  • Goin' Solo: Do You Need the Movie Theatre "Splash Zone"?

    Sarah Betts talks why boyfriends suck at grocery shopping, how watching TV alone is better, and why one listener says the movie theatre buffer seat is essential.

  • INTERVIEW: David Myles

    We caught up with David Myles (fresh from a vacation) and talked about his new song, Not This Time, the importance of taking some Me-Time, his honorary Doctorate (from STU), what he loves most about Fredericton, and whether legalization has changed anything when it comes to working with his Classified. Enjoy!

  • Crash's Mom Shouldn't Have a Smart Phone

    Too many accidental posts and Facebook Friend requests...time for Crash's Mom to Put The Phone DOWN!

  • Accidental Texting: Be Careful With those Naked Pictures...of Your Dad!?

    We talked about Accidental texts on the show, and one woman told us about the time she accidentally sent a naked picture of her Dad to the happens (!?)

  • First Date Visit To The ER

    Weird way to make a first impression... 

  • The Macarena is NOT a Clean song! Here's the real meaning...

    The song we ALWAYS danced to in Elementary School is not an innocent song. Here's the REAL meaning. 

  • Sarah's SHOCKING Revelation

    Sarah Betts may now have super powers...cannot confirm. 

  • Kid Review: The Stanley Cup

    Tons of families out for Jake Allen Day in Officer's Square to celebrate the hometown St. Louis Blues goaltender's cup win. Crash asked his daughter her thoughts on the Stanley Cup...

  • This Kid is Gonna Bankrupt the Tooth Fairy

    If you've ever had tooth problems, guaranteed it's nothing like the kid Sarah talked bout this morning... 

  • INTERVIEW: Jake Allen

    Fredericton's own Jake Allen won the Stanley Cup with the St. Louis Blues this year and he's bringing the cup to Fredericton to celebrate (Aug. 1 in Officer's Square, 12-2). He dropped by the show on Wednesday to talk about what it was like to win the most coveted prize in hockey. 

  • Should Disney Be "Family Only"

    One lady went on a Facebook RANT about "childless millennials" going to Disney world... she said it should be families only so we don't ruin the children's experience. Wendy does not agree. 

  • The REAL Cycle of Life

    We spend so much of our youth wishing we were older, then as we age, we wish we were's all a part of growing up and going through The Cycle of Life...but here Crash & Sarah detail the REAL cycle of life. 

  • When Sharing a Bed with Someone, Do You Have "Your Side"?

    A recent tweet about a couple who switches up which side of the bed they sleep on (each night!) begs the question: is that refreshing or total chaos?

  • Gym Creeps & Other Reasons to Avoid Working Out

    We all have our gym pet peeves...maybe it's the simple fact you have to go at all! Anyway, these are the top gym pet peeves!

  • 23% of us LIE to THIS Person Regularly #WTHQuestionOfTheDay

    We gotta stop lying...especially to THIS person.

  • The Secret's Out...........

    This callers been lying to her husband since JANUARY. Here's what she's really doing when she "goes to the gym". 

  • Does Your Partner Know When You're Buttering Them Up Just to Earn Brownie Points?

    Whether You're earning points, or attempting to make up for something dumb you've already aren't fooling anyone. As Crash's Wife explains in this clip: just get to the point. 

  • Standard or Automatic?

    Fredericton can be a bit intimidating if you're even slightly uncomfortable behind the wheel...

  • Shorter Summers?!

    A new study says most parents want summer to last 2 weeks instead of 2 months.... the CapitalFM facebook page does not agree ;) 

  • The CURE for being late

    Laura called in and told us the GOLDEN RULE to never being late again.... ironically Crash made her late this week ... lol. 

  • Sarah Betts' Open Door Policy

    Relationships NEED boundaries...despite what Chris & her BF would tell you.