New Colchester County kennel by-law expected to be presented to council this spring

A hearing for a new kennel by-law in Colchester County is expected to take place at a special meeting of council on May 2nd.

The timeline to get to that point was outlined to council last night, based on staff recommendations.

The Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) is scheduled to provide an update on the kennel by-law process, and answer any questions councillors may have, at council's next meeting on March 28th.

Last night's report says "there has been considerable efforts made by the PAC to conduct a thorough and consultative process", adding "this has been extremely worthwhile and informative while helping to improve public understanding and perceptions about the kennel by-law initiative."

First reading of the proposed by-law is expected to happen at a special Council Committee meeting on April 11th.

A proposed temporary Kennel Development By-Law was defeated in second reading last August following heavy criticism and backlash, including two protests outside the county building and office in Truro.

Concerns ranged from effects on local businesses and dog owners to a lack of a timeline as to when the by-law would be lifted, as the county insisted it was only a temporary measure while issues with the current Land Use By-Law were hammered out.

A survey was launched late last year as part of the broader consultation that officials said would involve stakeholders, business-owners, professionals, community groups, and the general public.