RCMP communications centre to move from Truro to Dartmouth

The RCMP plans to move its Truro Operational Communications Centre (OCC) to the RCMP headquarters in Dartmouth, effective February 2021.

Talk about the OCC being moved out of Truro has gone on for years.

Notice of the move was given to local politicians -- Truro Mayor Bill Mills, Colchester County Mayor Christine Blair, Millbrook councillor Barry Gloade, and Cumberland-Colchester MP Bill Casey -- at a closed door meeting with RCMP late last week, following a meeting with the Prince Street OCC employees.

In a post on Facebook, Casey says the move will mean the province's two largest police communication facilities will be in the same community despite the number one requirement in all emergency communications manuals, guidelines and standards is to have “geographic separation” between communication centres.

The RCMP's own 2004 report strongly recommended against not having separate dispatch operations located at least 100 km apart, in case of a disaster that leaves one inoperable.