Saanich North and the Islands


Get to know this Electoral District:

If history repeats itself, Saanich North and the Islands could be one of the closest races in all of British Columbia.

In 2013, the NDP’s Gary Holman emerged victorious from a near three way tie. Holman’s 10,515 votes was barely enough to squeak past Liberal candidate Stephen Roberts’ 10,352 votes and Green Party candidate Adam Olsen’s 10,136 votes.

The 2013 outcome was interesting beyond the close result: it was the first time Saanich North and the Islands had been wrestled away from the Liberals, who held it since it was created in 1991, and it was the closest the Green Party came to winning a second seat in BC.

In 2017, the same three men are trying again in a race that could go in any direction.


Watch the full candidate debate now:

Provincial Election 2017 on CFAX 1070: Saanich North and the Islands candidate debate.