As of the 2016 Census, 17,655 people lived in Esquimalt. Population growth was 8.9% when compared to 2011. Esquimalt is geographically small, occupying a 7-square kilometre area. The average age is 43.

Mayoral Candidates

Website/Social Media

Final Vote Count

Barb Desjardins (incumbent) Website | Facebook | Twitter TBD
John Roe Facebook | Twitter  


Council Candidates (6)

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Final Vote Count

Ken Armour Website | Facebook | Twitter TBD
Meagan Brame (incumbent) Facebook | Twitter  
Veronic Greer Facebook | Twitter  
Jacob Helliwell Website | Facebook  
Andrew Hrushowy    
Lynda Hundleby (incumbent) Website | Facebook  
Tim Morrison (incumbent) Website | Facebook | Twitter  
Chris Munkacsi Twitter  
Stephane Vaudandaine    
Jane Vermeulen Website | Facebook | Twitter  

Ballot Question(s):

2014 Results



x Barb Desjardins 3,180
John Ducker 962
Scott Attril 196
David Shebib 25



x Susan Low 2,749
x Tim Morrison 2,550
x Meagan Brame 2,550
x Beth Burton-Krahn 2,347
x Lynda Hundleby 2,345
x Olga Liberchuk 1,809
Mark Salter 1,748
Bob McKie 1,606
Brenda O’Connor 1,123
Rod Lavergne    775
David Schinbein                761
Josh Steffler 726

2014 Ballot Question(s):

Are you in favour of the Township of Esquimalt exploring options to achieve efficiencies by further sharing some services with other municipalities? 'YES' or 'NO'

•Yes – 3,731
•No – 578

Are you in favour of exploring the reduction of the number of municipalities within Greater Victoria through amalgamation? 'YES ‘or 'NO'

•Yes – 2,905
•No – 1,404

2014 Voter Turnout: 30.3%​