2,225 people call Highlands home according to the 2016 Census, a 5% increase over 2011. This predominately rural municipality is the smallest in the Capital Region by population. It occupies 38 square kilometres. The average age is 42.​

Mayoral Candidates

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Final Vote Count

Ken Williams (incumbent)



Council Candidates (6)

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Final Vote Count

Leslie G Anderson (incumbent)   Acclaimed
Ann Baird (incumbent)   Acclaimed
Gord Baird (incumbent)   Acclaimed
Marcie McLean (incumbent)   Acclaimed
Karel H Roessingh (incumbent)   Acclaimed
Rose Stanton   Acclaimed

Ballot Question(s):

2014 Results



x Ken Williams 480
Shebib, David    42



x Leslie Anderson 458
x Karel Roessingh 453
x Marcie McLean 411
x Karen Burns 408
x Gord Baird 398
x Ann Baird 395
Sherry Clayton  214

2014 Ballot Question(s):


2014 Voter Turnout: 32.4%