35,342 people live in Langford according to the 2016 Census, with 20.9% population growth over 2011. It is the largest municipality on the West Shore by population and the fastest growing municipality in the Capital Region. The average age is 38, the youngest in the CRD.  Langford is nearly 40 square kilometres in size.

Mayoral Candidates

Website/Social Media

Final Vote Count

Stewart Young (incumbent)   3,939*
Robert R Fraser   790


Council Candidates (6)

Website/Social Media

Final Vote Count

Lillian Szpak (incumbent) Facebook 3,466*
Denise Blackwell (incumbent) Facebook 3,369*
Norma Stewart   3,207*
Lanny Seaton (incumbent) Facebook 3,121*
Matt Sahlstrom (incumbent) Facebook 3,073*
Roger Wade (incumbent) Facebook 2,948*
Wendy M Hobbs Website | Facebook 2,712

Ballot Question(s):

2014 Results



x Young, Stewart 3,727
David Shebib 556



x Lillian Szpak 2,760
x Denise Blackwell 2,540
x Lanny Seaton 2,373
x Winnie Sifert  2,326
x Roger Wade 2,236
x Matt Sahlstrom 2,174
Jim Munro 1,328
Pauline Adams  1,293
Dustin Finert      1,241
Grant McLachlan 1,065
Mark McInnes   1,003
Paul Barber 889
Timothy Power 854
Andre Mollon    368

2014 Ballot Question(s):

Are you in favour of the City of Langford being amalgamated into a larger regional municipality? YES or NO

•Yes 2,222
•No 2,209

2014 Voter Turnout: 19%​