4,708 people live in Metchosin according to the 2016 Census. It is the only municipality in the Capital Region to experience a recent population decline, with 2% fewer people in 2016 than in 2011. Predominately rural and sparsely populated Metchosin is 71 square kilometres in size, the second largest land area in the CRD. The average age is 46.​

Mayoral Candidates

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Final Vote Count

John Ranns (incumbent)



Council Candidates (4)

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Final Vote Count

Andy MacKinnon (incumbent)   1,109*
Sharie Epp   895*
Kyara Kahakauwila (incumbent)   820*
Marie-Terese Little   739*
Brian D Domney   717
Jenny I Millar   514
Norm E Hardy   477
Darren Brown   419

Ballot Question(s):

2014 Results



x John Ranns 1,334
Ed Cooper 183
David Shebib 39



x Bob Gramigna                1,082
x Andy MacKinnon 1,068
x Moralea Milne 1,010
x Kyara Kahakauwila 828
Chris Moehr 568
Anne Richmond                565
Karen Watson   414

2014 Ballot Question(s):


2014 Voter Turnout: 36.9%​