As of the 2016 Census, 11,672 people lived in Sidney; 4.4% more than 2011. Sidney occupies 5-square kilometres, making it the smallest in the Capital Region geographically. The average age is 54, making it the oldest in the CRD.

Mayoral Candidates

Website/Social Media

Final Vote Count

Steve Price (incumbent)  Website | Facebook | Twitter TBD
Cliff McNeil-Smith Website  


Council Candidates (6)

Website/Social Media

Final Vote Count

Sara Duncan Website | Facebook TBD
Barbara Fallot (incumbent) Facebook  
Scott Garnett Facebook  
Melissa Hailey Website  
Greg Lynn    
Cam McLennan (incumbent) Website | Facebook  
Terri O'Keeffe Facebook  
Chad Rintoul Website | Facebook | Twitter  
Jordan Templeman Facebook  
Peter Wainwright (incumbent) Website | Facebook  
Stephen Weller Facebook  

Ballot Question(s):

2014 Results



x Steve Price 1,312
Cliff McNeil Smith 1,180
Don Amos 706
Steve Duck 674
David Shebib 15



x Erin Bremner  2,269
x Barbara Fallot 2,085
x Peter Wainwright         2,046
x Mervyn Lougher-Goodey 1,926
x Tim Chad 1,741
x Cam McLennan 1,543
Sheilah Fea 1,475
Bob Jones 1,378
Melissa Hailey   7,295
Colin Plint            1,169
Mike Barwick     1,063
Rosemarie (Romi) Bongers 817

2014 Ballot Question(s):

Non-Binding Question: Are you in favour of a provincially funded study to investigate the feasibility, costs and implications of amalgamating the three municipalities of the Saanich Peninsula? YES or NO

Yes – 2,566
No – 1,232

2014 Voter Turnout: 43%​