As of the 2016 Census, the City of Victoria had a population of 85,792 and grew 7.2% from 2011. The city occupies 19-square kilometres. The average age is 44. 

Mayoral Candidates

Website/Social Media

Final Vote Count

Saul Andersen   TBD
Rob Duncan Website  
Michael Geoghegan Website | Facebook | Twitter  
Stephen Hammond SLATE NewCouncil Website  
Lisa Helps (incumbent) Website | Twitter   
David Arthur Johnston    
Bruce McGuigan Website | Facebook   
Ryan Moen (Rymo) Website | Facebook  
Alexander Schmid    
Chris Zmuda  Website  


Council Candidates (8)

Website/Social Media

Final Vote Count

Gary Alberts: SLATE NewCouncil Website TBD
Marianne Alto (incumbent)  Website  
Stephen Andrew: SLATE NewCouncil Website | Facebook | Twitter  
Darlene Archibald Website | Facebook  
Laurel Collins: SLATE Together Victoria Website | Facebook | Twitter  
Sharmarke Dubow: SLATE Together Victoria  Website | Facebook  
Steve Filipovic    
Marg Gardiner Website  
Riga Godron    
James Harasymow Twitter  
Rose Henry    
Ben Isitt (incumbent)  Website  
Jesse Jimenez    
Randie Johal: SLATE NewCouncil Facebook  
Edison Kahakauwila Facebook  
Anna King Website  
Sean Leitenberg Website  
Grace Lore Website  
Jeremy Loveday (incumbent) Website  
Pam Madoff (incumbent) Website  
Delmar Martay    
Sarah Potts: SLATE Together Victoria) Website | Facebook | Twitter  
Andrew Reeve: SLATE NewCouncil Facebook  
Jordan Reichert Website  
Ted Smith Website | Twitter  
Doug Stewart    
William Tate    
Charlayne Thornton-Joe (incumbent) Website | Facebook | Twitter  
Geoff Young (incumbent) Website  

Ballot Question(s):

  • “Are you in favour of spending up to $250,000 for establishing a Citizens’ Assembly to explore the costs, benefits and disadvantages of the amalgamation between the District of Saanich and the City of Victoria?”

2014 Results



x Lisa Helps 9,200
Dean Fortin 9,111
Ida Chong 3,275
Stephen Andrew 2,380
Robert Duncan 253
Jason Ross 132
David Shebib 62
Riga Gordon 33



x Benjamin Isitt 14,729
x Charlayne Thornton-Joe 12,046
x Marianne Alto 12,016
x Jeremy Loveday 10,852
x Pamela Madoff 10,354
x Geoff Young 9,934
x Margaret Lucas 8,145
x Christopher Coleman 8,017
Erik Kaye 7,295
John Luton 6,850
Hilary Groos 6,653
Justin Stephenson 5,268
Andrew Reeve 4,336
Steve Filipovic 3,856
Ian Hoar 3,466
Paul Servos 2,577
Ryan Moen 2,108
Sean Murray 1,897
Jonathan Carroll 1,739
Jeffrey Olafson 1,693
Gordon MacKinnon 1,334
Saul Andersen 1,183
John Stewart 1,107
James Harasymow 764

2014 Ballot Question(s):

Are you in favour of reducing the number of municipalities in Greater Victoria through amalgamation?

  • Yes - 18,351
  • No – 4,601

2014 Voter Turnout: 35.4%