View Royal

10,408 people lived in View Royal as of the 2016 Census, with 11% population growth over 2011. The township occupies 14 square kilometres. The average age is 42.

Mayoral Candidates

Website/Social Media

Final Vote Count

David Screech Website | Twitter  TBD


Council Candidates

Website/Social Media

Final Vote Count

Nathan K Daisley Website Facebook | Twitter  
Adam Flint Facebook  
Damian Kowalewich (incumbent) Website Facebook | Twitter TBD
Gery Lemon Facebook  
Ron Mattson (incumbent)    
John Rogers (incumbent)    

Ballot Question(s):

2014 Results



x David Screech 1,336
Brian Burchill 725
David Shebib 45



x Heidi Rast 1,536
x John Rogers    1,499
x Ron Mattson  1,417
x Aaron Weisgerber 966
Mark Brennan   885
Wesley Kennedy 780

2014 Ballot Question(s):


2014 Voter Turnout: 28.1%​