Steve Duffy's Sports Comment For Friday, January 6th, 2017

That World Junior hockey tournament sure delivered the goods. I think it was probably the best hockey we'll see this season.

I know my heart rate was elevated last night.

The Americans beat Canada 5-4 for the gold medal, in a game that was decided by...the shootout. Yes, the shootout! To me, a crappy way to decide a medal. And checking out social media this morning, lots of other people feel the same. Here's the deal. Hockey's a team game. Last night, the players busted their humps for 60 minutes of regulation, then 20 minutes of overtime, as teams! 

But when it came time to decide the issue, it was individual versus individual! It may be good for soccer, but to me, NOT hockey!

Here's the way I think they 'should' do it. Play four-on-four in the first overtime, then three-on-three if it goes to a second. That's almost guaranteed to produce a result. They do it in the BCHL, and to me, it works! I think it's time for the IIHF to re-think they way it decides outcomes. Get rid of the shootout, and try the way I just mentioned.

It's a much better way to decide games, especially when there's so much on the line, like a gold medal!

And it's not sour grapes because Canada lost. I'd say the very same thing if we'd won. Honest! I hope they give it some thought before the World Juniors come here in a couple of years.

That's my Sports Comment. I'm Steve Duffy.



Steve Duffy joined CFAX 1070 in 2003 and covers sports on Mornings with Al Ferraby.