10th anniversary of Lindsay Buziak‘s unsolved homicide

It's a grim 10th anniversary today for one of the region's unsolved killings.

It was 10 years ago that 24-year-old Real Estate Agent Lindsay Buziak was stabbed to death while showing a house in Gordon Head.

"What goes through my mind today is that the killers and conspirators of my daughter are celebrating 10 years of walking free," says father Jeff Buziak.

He will lead a Walk For Justice today starting at 10am at the Royal Oak Burial Park, "it starts at 10 o'clock at the Royal Oak Burial Park gates. We walk through Mount Doug Park, along Torquay and then to the police station. We walk by where Lindsay was murdered."

Anyone is able to attend the walk.

Saanich Police say they're still actively investigating the case. They issued a written statement on the anniversary:


"As the investigation approaches the 10-year milestone since Lindsay’s murder, the Saanich Police wish to reaffirm their organizational commitment as they work towards justice for Lindsay Buziak and her family and friends."

It has been noted that Internet sites, blogs, and other social media platforms have provided a forum for much speculation relating to this murder and ongoing investigation. Although not actively participating, the Saanich Police are aware of the many falsehoods, accusations, and erroneous information posted on the Internet. While providing clarification is difficult, the investigators are aware that much of the posted information is either false, misleading, or deliberately fabricated.

The murder investigation conducted by the Saanich Police was subject to a review by the RCMP Office of Investigational Standards and Practices (OISP), which reaffirmed the investigational processes being undertaken by Saanich Police. As with all police agencies across Canada, the standards of Major Case Management (MCM) provide a strict framework relating to the manner and structure of the police investigational team.  Also, Saanich Police participated in Strategic Advisory Groups with other homicide officers from across the Province including members of IHIT from the lower mainland. All of these steps were undertaken to ensure the highest level of investigational standards were being met.

Saanich Police have worked tirelessly with the RCMP and Victoria Police in partnerships to achieve success. After 10-years of work, we regret that success has not been achieved to date in our investigation. As with other pre-planned and targeted murders, the perpetrators and/or conspirators have taken steps to avoid apprehension by police.  We believe multiple persons have personal and first-hand knowledge regarding the murder of Lindsay Buziak and have withheld this information from police.

As with all criminal offences in British Columbia, the standard of Crown Counsel charge approval must be met. Saanich Police are continuing to work towards success in this investigation, and the case remains active and ongoing as we move towards a successful conclusion to this investigation."

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