127 fires still burning across B.C., some now one month old

Since the wildfire season began April 1st, crews have responded to about 900 fires, which have burned through an estimated 59-hundred square kilometres. That's an area the size of Prince Edward Island.

 Across the province 127 fires are burning, and now that we are into August Wildfire Information Officer Kevin Skrepnek says things aren't expected to improve weather-wise:

" And unfortunately in terms of the weather we're seeing a traditional summer pattern, It is likely going to remain dry in a lot of areas across southern BC and until we see a dramatic shift in that weather, this situation is likely going to get worse before it gets better."

 Skrepnek notes today marks one month since an unprecedented lightning system moved through the interior sparking many of the fires that crews continue to fight today.

 Meantime, more international help will arrived this week from international firefighters and support staff with about 400 personnel from New Zealand, Australia, Mexico and the U-S arriving to help Canadian crews battle the flames.  BC will cover the cost of international assistance, and has already spent $230 million on fire suppression this year.


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