12th annual "Vital Signs" survey rates Greater Victoria issues

Greater Victoria's 12th annual Vital Signs survey is out. Overall citizens rate quality of life unchanged from 2016 -- at B+, and 87% rate themselves as happy.  But residents list several issues as being of concern.

Almost 15-hundred people were surveyed, rating the top 3 issues as housing, cost of living and mental illness.  Addictions crept up to the 4th spot from #8 last year. Also moving up, childcare, rising from 16th spot up to #9.

Participants also gave grades to key areas.  Most remained unchanged, but Economy and Environmental Sustainability rose half a grade, while Standard of Living dropped from a B- to a C+. 

The survey also looked at the subject of belonging. 88% said they feel supported by loving family, companions and friends.  63% say they know their neighbours well enough to ask for help. 25% say they sometimes feel uncomfortable as a result of discrimination.

Some indicators are cause for concern.   21% report drinking heavily,  a 5% increase.  Affordability of housing is getting worse, with a near zero vacancy rate  we saw an average of 5.5% rent hikes.  As well, the number of illicit drug overdoses has tripled on the Southern Island.

Results help the Victoria Foundation decide how to direct charitable gifts to make a diffrerence in the community.

To read the full report:  http://victoriafoundation.bc.ca/vital-signs/

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