2 children circling alone in boat after 2 adults thrown overboard


4 people are lucky to be alive tonight after the occupants of a 16 foot aluminum fishing boat were rescued from the waters of Cowichan Bay around 5 O’clock Thursday night.

The boat and occupants were fishing when 2 adults were thrown from the boat leaving 2 children to fend for themselves while the boat went in circles.

Marine controller, John  Sartisohn says it was extremely fortunate there was a vessel there to assist. "Reports are that they were trying to retrieve a crab pot and possibly somebody bumped the throttle which dumped the two adults into the water and the vessel was doing circles as a result of that."

Luckily a boat from Eco Tours was in the area and managed to get one of the children to pull the kill switch to stop the boat. They then rescued the two people from the water and managed to get everyone to safety and ashore for medical treatment.

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