5,315 people sign up for help from CFAX Santas Anonymous

Next Friday, December 8th, is "Miracle Day on Broad Street" -- a 12 hour radiothon on CFAX 1070 in support of Santas Anonymous. 

Executive Director Christine Hewitt says the event is vital for raising the funds to ensure the 5,315 people registered for help are able to get a Christmas hamper and gifts for the kids.

Hewitt says like other charities, CFAX Santas Anonymous is also seeing a dip in donations -- so every donation will count:

" It doesn't have to be a large donation.  Any donation will help us to reach our goals, and to make sure that we are able to give year round. And you know, it's important. We have a beautiful unique program, and 40 year old charity, it's local. We are serving our local children. "

Hewitt says another way to help is to seek out one of the 4 "Trees of Wishes" to buy a gift for a child:

"You know, we know there are thousands of wishes on the trees. We have a new automated system and we can see where they are and where we need the help. And the 4 locations are Hillside Shopping Centre, Mayfair Shopping Centre, West Shore Town Centre, and inside Walmart at Uptown."

Besides Christmas hampers and gifts for the kids, CFAX Santa's Anonymous handed out $140-thousand in grants to projects benefiting kids -- such as schools, literacy programs, summer camps, and families in crisis. 

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