A cannabis retailer is coming to Langford

Langford may be the first municipality in the region to open a recreational cannabis shop.

Clarity Cannabis was approved by Langford city council on Monday, and a two week public consultation will now be held.

Mayor Stew Young says they have been taking the steps to get the permits in place since legalization.

"The Federal Government and the Provincial Government now have approved our first Marijuana Retail License. So what we're doing now is looking at our Temporary Use Permit for a pot store to be located in Langford."

Young adds that a Temporary Use Permit only lasts three years, and can be revoked if problems arise from the shop.

Young says they also made a request for proposal, asking the applicants to provide benefits for the community, and Langford was granted two new officers. 

"We've hired one police officer and a bylaw officer for this, to be specifically the liaison to go our schools, do our education, and generally make sure that everything is running smoothly from the marijuana store as well as the public's concerns."

 Clarity Cannabis is expected to open it's shop next to Langford's RCMP station in about 3 months.

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