A disturbing crime against a puppy in the Highlands has shaken the community


West Shore RCMP are investigating after receiving a report of a 10 month old puppy shot mulitple times by a pellet gun in the Highlands.

Police were contacted after the dog’s owners found him injured. The Labrador-- Ozzy -- was taken to the veterinary clinic and was confirmed to have been shot at least 12 times.

Police says it appears the act was deliberate -- and Ozzy's owner, Lorne King, says he thinks whoever did it tied the pup up:

"Looking at the shots on him I think he was tied up and shot. They're all pretty clustered right.  Like there's 5 or 6 right in his neck, and 5 or 6 on his bum, and one on the other side of his body. Umm, I don't see how a dog if you shoot it doesn't take off."
King adds Ozzy got out of the yard, and didn't come when called, and he always comes when called. He was gone about 20 minutes - so King says he wasn't far away. He found him coming out of a neighbour's yard.  

King wants others in the area to be aware, as there are many pet owners.  The incident happened on Rockridge Place.

While Ozzy is doing well today, RCMP say the 'brazen attack not only left the puppy injured, but shook a whole community "

If you have any information contact the West Shore RCMP OR  Crime Stoppers.




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