A Lake Cowichan boy's life saved thanks to heroic actions by his mother

The 7 year old Lake Cowichan boy who was attacked by a cougar on Friday is home recovering, thanks to the quick reactions of his mother.

Zachary Bromley was outside in the backyard on Friday afternoon, when a juvenile cougar got through the fence and pounced on him.  His mother, Chelsea Lockhart, tells CTV Vancouver Islandthat  she was inside when she heard loud, unusual banging outside, followed by cries from Zach.

"I ran down the stairs, and I ran to his voice, and I turned the corner and I see this animal on my child.  At first I didn't even know what it was, and then I knew it was a cougar.  So I just leapt onto the cougar.  It was attached by then, he was on the ground, and the cougar was over him and it was attached to his arm.  And a mom instinct, I just leapt on it and tried to pry his mouth open."

Lockhart says she knew she was fighting for her sons life, and started praying in tongues.  That's when the cougar released Zach and took off into the woods.

They called 911 right away, and Zach was taken to the hospital in Duncan.  He had lacerations on his arm and head, and hospital staff decided to send him down to Vic General to have a CAT scan.

While the family was at the hospital, BC Conservation Officers arrived on the scene and tracked down the cougar and it's brother.  Both cats were euthanized.  Lockhart says it's sad but necessary the cats had to be killed, but she was worried of returning to the home without knowing that the cougars were found.  Conservation Officers have set up a motion detecting camera and a trap in the area, in case the mother of the two cats comes looking for her cubs.

Lockhart adds since they returned home, they have had a lot of support from the community.

"I just want to say thank you to everyone in Lake Cowichan and the area.  We've had so many emails, messages.  They started a Facebook page 'Small Towns Stick Together.'  And they did some fundraising for us.  Just the love and support from everyone has been exceptional.  We're blown away."

Zachary is recovering from his injuries at his grandmother's house.  He is the 2nd born of Lockhart's six children, and while the kids are a little apprehensive of being outside, she says they will continue to play in the yard.  The family also plans on getting a dog in the near future to help deter any wildlife from coming onto the property.

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