A Mail Bomb Caused Serious Injuries to a North Island Resident

A Port Alice homeowner has received serious but non-life threatening injuries after a mail bomb blew up in his hands on Tuesday.

Shirley Bowick says the package blew up in her husbands hands when he opened it.

"My husband's fingertips are blown off, he's in Nanaimo now having surgery. And I couldn't hear for a long time, and my hearings still not there but it's coming back slowly."

She says after the first detonation she opened the door to clear the smoke, but the bomb went off a second time, and smoke started billowing out of their bathroom, filling the house once again.

She's not only upset by the fact that it hurt her husband, but that it could have hurt more people.

"Our neighbours could have been hurt. Our postal services could have been hurt.  All the way from Whitehorse down to here, other people could have been hurt"

Shirley's husband is recovering in the Nanaimo hospital.

Port Alice RCMP, explosive experts and bomb-sniffing dog's arrived on the scene, but were unable to find any other explosives.

The post office was also checked, and there were no bombs there either.

Investigators believe this was a targeted incident.

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