A parent of a Victoria teen doesn't want Victor School to be re-purposed

A parent of a Victoria teen with severe autism says he is stunned to learn the Greater Victoria school district is planning to eject his child, and more than a dozen others, from a school that was established especially for them.

The Victor School in Fernwood takes in students who, for various reasons, cannot function in a regular school environment. 

Marcus Pollard's 16 year old son, Nathaniel, has  evere autism and anger issues, and has been doing better since attending Victor School.

He says he only learned of the district's proposal to turn the school into a mainstream facility on Tuesday, January 29, with no plan for a new site for Victor students.

He says parents and caregivers were blindsided by the news.

"There was no idea that this was going to change, the facility was made for these kids.  And so all the families were happy with it, I mean it's not perfect, nothing's perfect, but we're happy with it.  So we could see no need for change, whatsoever, or at least negative change "

He says the families and caregivers of children attending Victor School were not consulted.  

"You know there's only, I think, 17 families, you could consult us all in a morning.  And in fact, they said they were getting all the data from the survey that was put out I think in November, and in that survey Victor is not mentioned, children with special needs are not mentioned at all."

Pollard says the students do better with routine, and moving them could be damaging. 

He will be addressing the Educational Policy and Directions Committee  on Monday, February 4th at 7pm at 556 Boleskine Road, to express his frustration and try to get answers.  Pollard asks the public come out and show their support, as well as attend the public consultations on catchments boundaries the school board is hosting throughout this month.

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