A Push For Emergency Phones Along Highway 4

Port Alberni's Mayor Elect, Sharie Minions, is pushing for improved communication along Highway 4 between Port Alberni and Ucuelet and Tofino.

The movement comes after a motor vehicle incident on Monday, where two cars collided on the highway, and emergency crews weren't notified until 30 minutes later, when a bystander got into a spot with cell phone service.

Minions is working alongside Tofino mayor Josie Osborne and Ucluelet mayor-elect Mayco Noel.  They are writing a letter to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, asking for improved communication along the stretch of highway.

She says there is poor cell phone service, and any improved communication capability would be welcome. "We have suggested either improved coverage or emergency phones along the way.  We're not really picky what that looks like, we just want improved communications."

The push is personal for Minions, who's mother was one of the three people involved in Monday's incident.  She says once emergency crews were notified, they air lifted the three people to Victoria General Hospital.  She says her mother is sore and tired, but the experience has left her shaken. "It's a terrifying thing to be waiting for help, and not knowing how long it will take."

She says improving cell phone coverage would be the best solution, although it would be difficult. She adds that the very least the government could do would be to install emergency phonesat key spots along the highway.

After the joint letter is sent to the Ministry, they will request a meeting and try to come up with a solution to prevent these types of waits from happening again.

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