A "skywalk" could be coming to the Malahat summit

A BC tourism company is partnering with a local First Nation to build a unique tourist attraction at the peak of the Malahat.

The proposed "Malahat Skywalk" would feature an elevated wooden walkway, leading to a spiral tower that overlooks the Saanich Inlet and the Finlayson Arm.

Trevor Dunn with Aspire by Nature says the spot has some unique attributes that make it very appealing for a "world class tourism experience."

"You see the ocean, you see the islands, you see a really neat arbutus forest.  That's the first thing.  Secondly it's got a long, deep history of First Nations culture, and the Malahat Nation's been a great inspiration for us.  And the last point is that they have a tremendous amount of vehicular traffic and tourists that come through the region."

Dunn says the Skywalk would attract people to stop at the summit of the highway, walk above the woods and enjoy the view.

"It invites people to walk up to 20 metres high in the forest, in the tree top.  The skywalk is about 600 metres long, and you make your way out to a really accessible lookout that elevates people up to about 40 metres above the ground, and positions you up above the Finlayson Sound, so it gives you great views to the north and to the south.

Dunn says that along with featuring First Nation art and culture in the project, Aspire by Nature will be offering scholarship opportunities to the Malahat Nation, so they can be involved in the tourism industry.
He says they are working through the approval process with the Province and a rezoning application with Cowichan Valley Regional District, as well as engaging in public consultations.

Dunn says the goal is to begin construction in the fall, and have the project open in the Spring of 2020.

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