Abducted Victoria girl found on island in the English Channel


Saanich Police say a Victoria girl abducted by one of her parents 3 years ago has been found in the U.K.

Kaydance Etchells was 19 months old in May 2016 when Tasha Brown contacted the Saanich PD to report her estranged wife, Lauren Etchells, had likely abducted their daughter, and fled Canada.

Investigators confirmed Etchells lied to Passport Canada to obtain a passport for Kaydance, in violation of a court order, and fled to the U.K. with her new partner, and their baby, Marcus.

Over the years Tasha has maintained a Facebook page looking for her daughter, and Saanich police worked with Interpol to locate Lauren and her family.

On July 1st, Saanich Police received a call from the RCMP Liaison Office in London, England advising that Lauren, Kaydance, Marcus, and Lauren’s parents Brian and Angela Etchells, had been picked up by the States of Jersey Police and Jersey Customs and Immigration Service.

The group was spotted landing a 13 foot inflatable dinghy on the shores just south of St. Catherine, Jersey, a small island in the English Channel.

When questioned they said they were holidaying in France and decided to pop over to Jersey for a visit. None of the 5 passengers had passports, and it quickly became apparent to officials  their story did not add up.

Lauren and her parents, were arrested for offences relating to child neglect and immigration. All 3 have pled guilty in relation to the charges, with Lauren remaining in custody as a result of an  arrest warrant for her extradition to Canada.

The 2 children, Kaydance and Marcus, were apprehended and have been placed in foster care while the complexities of this international investigation are worked through.

The process of bringing Kaydance and Lauren back to Canada has now begun, but it will take time.

With the news that Kaydance has been located, Tasha Brown issued a statement saying she is extremely grateful to learn her daughter is in good health and received good care.

She says while she is celebrating, she won't celeb rate fully under Kaydance is back in Canada.

Brown thanks those who devoted themselves to the case -- including Saanich PD ,Global Affairs Canada, and officials in Victoria, and London, UK.

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