Alternate route over Malahat?

The former chair of the CRD Traffic Safety Commission is calling for a second route over the Malahat. This, after some frustrated drivers yelled at emergency crews  trying to clear a fatal accident scene Thursday night, while others tried to ignore the closed area and drive through the crash site.

Chris Foord says that behaviour is inexcusable, but says motorists are all too often trapped for hours with no other way to get around after accidents. Foord says it's time to start looking at a second route over the Malahat:

"We can get a road from Langford up into the inland of Duncan somewhere, so perhaps just on the Cowichan Lake side of Duncan. And I know that there are a number of options that could be viable for doing that, and I think it;'s high time we looked at that."

Foord says it could take 20 years to get it done, but it must happen and the planning should start now.

He was appearing on CFAX 1070 with Pamela McCall.  

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