An Oak Bay group wants to buy a statue to honour the former Mayor

A campaign to purchase a statue to honour Oak Bay's former mayor is making some ground.

Nils Jensen passed away in April, and his family, friends and colleagues want to pay tribute to him.

Former Oak Bay Councillor, Michelle Kirby, says they want to purchase the 'M'akhotso, Mother of Peace statue, and have it installed at the Rain Garden, a project that Nils was very proud of, next to the Monterey Centre.

Kirby says the statue's message of peace would be a fitting tribute to Nils.

"He signed up to be a Mayor for Peace, which is an international organization, very quickly after he took office in 2011.  So it just embodies him as far as his efforts to work towards peace and community, and build community."

Kirby adds that Nils had a big impact on funding arts and bringing them to public spaces, and a statue in his honour would be a perfect tribute.  A plaque will also be placed near the statue.

The statue costs $18,000, and the campaign 'Mayors Fund for the Arts' has already raised $5,000 towards the purchase.

Anyone who wants to donate can go to Oak Bay's Mayor Legacy Fund for the Arts website.  There, people can fill out a form, so they can get a tax receipt for their donation, and put in a dedication for Nils's memory.  

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