Asian hornets found in Nanaimo

asian hornet

Experts have no idea how some rare insects made their way to Vancouver Island, but three very large Asian hornets have been found in Nanaimo.

The Invasive Species Council of BC says it's likely the hornets, found last month, were transported with personal or commercial goods.

Asian giant hornets are large headed and can vary in colour from different shades of orange, yellow and brown. Worker hornets are approximately 3.5 centimetres in length and queens can be up to four to five centimetres in length, with a wingspan of four to seven centimetres.

The Ministry of Agriculture is investigating how it can assist beekeepers with surveillance and trapping equipment in the spring, should other hornets emerge from their dormancy or be introduced to the area.

Hornets are generally not interested in humans, pets and large animals.

These Asian giant hornets only nest in the ground, unlike other species of wasps or bees that build nests and hives in trees and/or buildings.

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