Autistic UVic student has no part in graduation ceremony


Autistic University of Victoria STEPS Forward graduate Nathan Bodie has been told he won't be allowed to attend his graduation ceremony.

UVic is the only school in B.C, Alberta, and Saskatchewan that doesn’t let their inclusive education program students take place in their graduation ceremony. 

Nancy Harrison-Bodie, Nathan's mother says he really wants to pave the way for change. "It's not about him its about changing the policy. It's about nobody having that horrible moment when they're told they can't participate, it was crushing for him."

STEPS Forward's vision is to make it unremarkable for young adults with developmental disabilities to attend post-secondary education across BC; to be included in the same courses and programs of study, and in the same ways, as any other student on campus. 

BC NDP Oak Bay-Gordon Head candidate Bryce Casavant says he's sent a letter and intervened on Bodie's behalf. "I'm really excited for the vote and I think the outcome of the resolution should be positive."

The University of Victoria has received recommendations on improving the equality of graduation ceremonies and the senate will be voting on potential resolutions April seventh.

Julia Templeman has started a petition that as of this writing had over 3,400 signatures. 


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